Heather Clayton has been an educator and leader for over 20 years. She has worked in both public and private education systems in both Canada and Australia, as well as serving as an educational consultant, principal of Heather Clayton Consulting, for over 10 years. Travelling across Canada and the US, Heather has presented keynote addresses to groups of over 1,500 people, has worked to develop small teams over 2 – 4 year commitments, and many contexts in between.

Heather’s passion for leadership development led her to Royal Roads University where she completed her MA in Leadership, in June of 2010. This experience created in her the understanding that leadership was much more that what you did, it was also how you empower others in service of the organization’s vision. Shortly after completing her Masters, Heather began her Executive Coaching certification with Adler and OISE in Toronto, completing her certification in May 2012. Throughout her career, she has seen both the leadership potential and challenges. Most recently, for the past six years, Heather has learned lots about leadership as part of the Management Team at St Michaels University School, and in her private coaching practice. She loves to learn and sees leadership as the privilege of working to position individuals and organizations to fulfill potential. As of June 2016, Heather returns to focus exclusively on her coaching and consulting in the service of helping leaders to bring their best selves to work every day.


Heather enjoys time with her husband and 3 grown children, thrilled with how each of them show up in the world, and make a difference. She enjoys being active – whether through walking, tennis, kayaking or swimming. Heather enjoys travel - exploring new places, and meeting new people.  After a challenging year of health, she has decided to leave her amazing job at St Michaels University School and launch her company, following her passions in both work and life.