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In the fall of 2017, Bruce Rodriguez, the then Deputy Minister of Education, gave me 45 minutes to answer the question: ‘what are we missing in leadership in education in Ontario’?

From that conversation and many others, flowed a project with 3 school boards in Ontario, which  began ran from Jan 2018 – June 2019. I designed and implemented a research based program that included 6 full day of team learning, and leadership skills, 1:1 Executive Coaching, and eventually practice coaching with feedback.

We were fortunate to have researchers from the Ministry of Education in Ontario research all 3 phases of this project. The final piece was shared December 2019. For a brief summary, please read this post.

The comment beside is from an email with one of the Directors, several months after the program was completed.

The fall has been filled with challenges – and through each one I have learned very valuable lessons about leadership, change, and the need to hold on to hope.  I attribute my success in dealing with these issues to the skills and confidence you helped me develop through our time together in the leadership project.  I have learned so much, and continue to practice what I learned with the hope of improving myself and those around me.  Thank you for what you did and how you supported my journey.  It was time well-spent.  It is an opportunity that I will treasure for the rest of my career.
Director of Education, Timmins, ON


I am fortunate and grateful to work with a variety of clients, from individuals and teams, to organizations across many different sectors, including:
education, financial services, information technologies, human resources and police services.
Below please find a list of current and former clients, and below that, you will see some of their comments.

Armbrae Academy
Aspengrove School
Bruce Grey Catholic SD
Canadian Accredited Independent Schools
Conference of Independent Schools Ontario
Dolphin Printing and Graphics
Fidelity National Financial
Halton Police
Hillfield Strathallan
Kawartha Pine Ridge District SB
Lakefield College
Northeastern Catholic SD
Ontario Ministry of Education
Peel Police Dept
Queen Margarets School
St Andrews College
St. Mildreds Lightbourn School
Southridge School
Wellington Catholic SB

I have known Heather for a number of years, and her passion for learning and her integrity shows up in her coaching. She has a way to hold space that really encourages the client to go deep and wrestle with what is really going on. I would definitely recommend Heather.

Passion and integrity Lily Seto, MA, PCC, Victoria

Leadership coaching, through Heather Clayton Consulting, has demonstrated to me how the principles of coaching can transcend a variety of fields and professions and be so impactful.  My time being coached by Heather has assisted in improving my effectiveness, priority setting and performance in a team environment.

Our time together is personal, tailored to my needs and is a true partnership.  The decision to engage Heather as a coach has been critical to my executive development and I am appreciative of her encouragement and assistance in goal-setting.

A true partnership Nishan Duraiappah, Deputy Chief – Police, Milton, ON

Heather is the ultimate collaborator and a champion of unlocked potential. Her expertise in coaching, her knowledge of leadership development and experience in facilitation have been an invaluable asset in helping me and my colleagues grow in our roles and improve our organization. She steps into and occupies the ground in ways that encourages others to step in with her and see the possibilities.

Ultimate collaborator Keith Driscoll, Director of Residence and Student Life, St. Michaels University School, BC

I would describe Heather Clayton as an archeologist in the world of leadership coaching and professional development. Her polished, contemporary and intentional methods support individuals and teams as they sift through layers of hurdles and unexplored territory, to unearth a metaphoric treasure in the form of sustainable self and team growth. Like an archeologist, Heather inspires individuals and organizations to take stock in shared visions, lean into discomfort for the cause, reverently dig without hesitation and celebrate each eureka moment, as part of the process. Heather is a true gift to ‘leadership archeology’, of whom many are benefactors. 

A true gift Andy D. Rodford, Director of Senior School and Deputy Head of School, St Michaels University School, BC

Heather Clayton’s passion for coaching and leadership development is inspiring, to say the least.  Through her carefully crafted coaching questions, Heather helped me make a life-changing professional decision.  Not only did I make the changes in my life but I also realized that I wanted to learn more about how these types of questions empower us to be more confident decision-makers.  As well, I started to pay attention to how I could help others through the art of using coaching questions.

Inspiring Bev Assinck, Principal, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, ON