As we said in your welcome email, you can begin your program preparation right away!

One of your program benefits is premium access to TypeCoach. This is a great tool for individuals and organizations to unlock the power of understanding personality to enhance communication, build stronger relationships, and achieve greater success.

  • Go to typecoach.com and sign up (top right)
  • Your access code: X74ZDX
  • Before the residency, please complete the “Verifier” personality type assessment (20- 25 minutes).
  • Download and print your report – have fun reading the results! You will need to bring the report to the residency at Crieff Hills. (We’ll remind you!)

There’s more! With your premium account, you have access to:

  • Coaching videos customized to your Type
  • The Type-to-Type tool. Type-to-Type is an interactive chart that auto-populates with your cohort’s names and Types as they complete the Verifier. Click on any colleague for tips on how to work with them based on your Types. (You can opt out of displaying your results under “Account”.)
  • Additional advice on Influencing, Coaching/Leading, Managing Stress, and Providing Feedback