Our Team

Our Team

We are a team of diverse, collaborative, outside the box thinkers who are committed to providing thoughtful and strategic places for our clients to learn and grow, impacting individual leaders and teams, as they serve their world.

Meet the Coaching Team:

Mike Atkins

Mike brings a thoughtful, steady presence to our team and to his clients. His work in research, and his ability to ask great questions keep us sharp. Mike is one of the leaders for the coaching work in the Department of National Defence and his perspectives through this lens are a great compliment to our work. Learn more about Mike here.

Image of Mike Atkins, leadership coach at Heather Clayton Consulting
Image of Dr. Catherine Carr, leadership coach at Heather Clayton Consulting

Dr. Catherine Carr

Catherine’s expertise and influence in Team Coaching are recognized internationally. Her partnership in this work has enhanced both the design and the impact. Whether she is coaching our clients, working with Heather directly, or supporting our next steps, Catherine is thoughtful and kind, and her impact is enormous. Learn more about Dr. Catherine Carr here.

Suzanne Galloway

With extensive leadership experience in purpose-driven organizations, Suzanne understands firsthand the methods and mindset required to foster positive change. She thrives in coaching teams and individuals to navigate challenging conversations, clarify ambitions, and drive performance. A born collaborator, Suzanne is known for her integrity, enthusiasm and evocative blend of warmth and directness. Learn more about Suzanne here.

Image of Dana Janzen leadership coach at Heather Clayton Consulting
Image of Dana Janzen leadership coach at Heather Clayton Consulting

Dana Janzen

Dana is a future-focused person who is always thinking of what is possible and she brings this mindset to the leaders and teams she partners with. As a Certified Executive Coach and Certified Team Coach, Dana is known for her energy, wit, and ability to tap into the wisdom of her clients. Dana’s superpower is in helping leaders and teams unlock their best performance levers to better navigate through people, complexity, and change. Learn more about Dana here.

Zayna Kunic

Through her years of experience in corporate work, Zayna brings a deep understanding of the challenges of change in a larger organization. She is strategic, sensitive, a listener, and as a real team player, she can be counted on to go the extra mile. Most recently, Zayna co-created the curriculum for Leaders Coaching Circles which are a ground-breaking part of our work. Learn more about Zayna here.


Image of Zayna Kunic, leadership coach at Heather Clayton Consulting

Meet the Support Team:

Image of Heather Kohler, support staff h at Heather Clayton Consulting

Heather Kohler

Heather has been part of the team since 2015 as we were just starting to form a vision for this work. She has provided the design, and upkeep of our website, developed our branding and the materials we use. She has an incredible eye, creative ideas and a willingness to ‘dance’ with us as we create materials to support our clients’ learning. Learn more about Heather here.

Karen Taylor

Our Program Coordinator, Karen, brings diverse skills from many years in programming and administration at The Canadian Canoe Museum. Her behind-the-scenes support allows our team to focus on delivering the most impactful coaching experiences for our clients. Learn more about Karen here.

Image of Erica Richmond, support staff at Heather Clayton Consulting