Leadership Development

Leadership Development

In the gap between how we want to lead and where we find ourselves is great possibility. Using individualized work plans, we enter into that gap together to anchor and pivot towards stronger leadership.

Leadership Development is:

Deep values work. Here's what we know about leadership: it's not a list of silver bullet strategies, but rather about aligning our values and our best selves with our work. Self awareness is central to good leadership, and that's where we start.

Ongoing. Leadership is a verb; a constant practice. By carving out intentional space for reflection, we set the course for ongoing strategies for improvement and learning in our leadership practices.

Research Based. We are consistently both contributing to and learning from the ongoing research in the field of leadership development. We hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure we are bringing the best tools, strategies and ideas to our clients. You can read more about one of our recent research projects with the Ministry of Education here.

Leadership Development looks like:

Personalized work plans. We co-create our work together based on your personal and organizational goals. The length of time, scope of involvement, and nature of the work all depend on you and your needs.

Individual coaching. One on one coaching is a critical element of the leadership development work we do. Through this work, we go deeper on personal and strategic goals to propel better practices at work. You can learn more about our coaching work here.

Tools for you and your team. Over the years, we have tried and tested different tools for different workplaces, and have found the ones we believe work the best. Using Typecoach, Tilt 365 or others, we can work towards building a culture of feedback for you and your team.

We spoke to Dan King at Fireside Strategic about our leadership development work. Feel free to watch if you want to hear more about how we approach our work with leaders.

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Some kind words:

“Working with Heather was the best experience of my young career as a senior leader! The benefits of taking precious time to reflect with a trusted coach on my leadership practice has had enormous impacts on my daily work with other leaders and has supported enhanced personal well being. I would recommend this to any Senior management professional and I hope to continue in a coaching relationship for years to come!"

- Jennifer Dunkley, Superintendent, Northeastern Catholic District School Board

"As a participant in the CAIS Independent School Leadership Next Step program, the work that Heather has done for me as a coach has been invaluable to my growth as a leader. Heather's expertise challenged my thinking, supported me to redefine my goals, and gave me time and space to reflect on my learning. I came to the coaching sessions with the thoughts of working on weaknesses, but Heather's strength-based approach was so incredibly motivating and in the end led me to identify strategies I could use to improve in areas I wanted to focus on."

- Lois McGill, Director of Innovation and Technology, Balmoral Hall School for Girls

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