Leadership Development

Leadership Development




Heather has held many leadership roles: teacher, consultant, Director of Learning.  Her experience and her studies (Masters in Leadership and Certification in Professional Coaching) have informed her work with leaders across various sectors. Principles of leadership, and a desire to help leaders put their best work forward, have driven much of this work. Heather helps leaders to focus, to set goals and then works to implement the vision. She also recognizes the value of feedback, and helps others to use that feedback to improve their own leadership, their team and their organizations. Leading initiatives in school districts both in Canada and Australia, as well as 6 years as an administrator in Western Canada, are experiences that have both shaped and inspired Heather to focus more fully on supporting leaders in the complexity in which we live and work.


Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. Balancing what we do as a leader with how we be, is crucial for an organization’s health and strategic gains. Questions have the power to create space for reflection and transformation. Leaders need this space and time for reflection, harnessing courage to say what most needs to be said and to ask the hard questions. The complexity of leading today requires leaders to gain an increased awareness of self and others, balanced with a vision and skills to engage others. Coming at leadership from a position of curiousity creates the momentum for growth and learning. We each get to write our own story – and how that story unfolds depends largely on your perspective, your intention, your choices…..

Challenge - for leaders to manage all the pieces and to have a safe place to do their thinking and planning, someone who will ask the difficult questions. Heather brings a balance of safe, respectful space with intuitive, probing questions, designed to help leaders find their sweet spot.


Developed in partnership with clients, the workshops for leadership development can include the following topics:

  • Identifying strengths and challenges and setting goals for leadership growth
  • Developing awareness of self and others – using awareness to strengthen self and team
  • Having critical conversations – using feedback and other tools to increase and strengthen team, transparency
  • Understanding and building professional learning teams

(Tools may include Type Coach or Tilt 365)

Thinking about river and ruts causes me to think a lot about the stories I tell - I catch myself in rut story mode and then have some choices, particularly in this space of transition - What's going to become of us? What will I work at? Where will we belong? Equally challenging over the past year as I have dealt with Breast cancer, have been all the stories associated with that. In places of uncertainty, I can feel the rut stories rearing their heads and it takes quite a bit of work to shift them. This is only the tip of the 'story' iceberg for me - I believe stories are huge on so many levels as we each live out our own. 

(Presented at ISABC conference in Vancouver, BC - February 2016)