Coaching Practice

As certified coaches with the International Coaching Federation, we pride ourselves on knowing we are bringing the latest research and decades of experience to our clients. Coaching is deeply embedded in our leadership development and team building work, as a tool for navigating possibilities and unlocking the potential in each of us.

"Coaching: Partnering with others in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

-International Coaching Federation

Coaching is:

Transformational. Potential is everywhere around us - coaching helps us see it. By listening deeply and asking questions, we work with individuals and teams to tap into their strengths and challenges in order to propel better relationships and more effective workplaces. Coaching transforms people and organizations to communicate better, lead better and be better.

A safe space. Real change happens in the intersection of a comfortable safe zone and challenging questions. Leadership can feel like we never have enough hours in the day, but taking the time to enter into reflective spaces helps to ground our work to our values and our aspirations.

Preparation. In these strategic reflective spaces, we can go deeper on preparing for the challenging parts of leadership. Building resilience for the future, planning for challenges and difficult conversations, or exploring the ways in which you want to lead are critical components of good leadership. Coaching is an avenue to anticipate, reflect and prepare for how to navigate challenges as the best version of yourself.

What does coaching look like in action? Take a look at these real ten minute coaching sessions we did with Alison to help her think through her next moves for her team.
In this first video, we used the GROW model to understand, position and explore options forward through a goal.
In this second video, we go deeper on body language, noticing words and focusing on strengths to help understand the challenges.

What could coaching in your organization look like?

Coaching is embedded in all our work. Based on your individual, team and organizational goals, we build a customized work plan for how to use coaching to transform organizations and empower people to be the best versions of themselves.

Individual Coaching:

We use 1:1 coaching to help leaders identify their individual values, goals and challenges. Through coaching, we enter into a space of curiosity and aspirations together to consider, pivot and anchor in our leadership practices. As a completely personalized professional development tool, the impact of this work on individual leadership is transformational.

Team Coaching:

We are certified in Team Coaching, an incredible tool to create a culture of meaningful and authentic communication in teams. Mirroring 1:1 coaching, we practice deep listening and asking powerful questions in a group setting together, unpacking challenges and unlocking collective potential.

Organizational Coaching:

Coach-like cultures transform organizations. Using Dyad coaching and other frameworks to practice coaching between team members, we learn new ways to manage challenges and deepen relationships in the workplace. Embedding coaching practices into the fabric of organizations empowers people at every level to feel more valued and engaged in their work.

What is a coaching culture? How could it be valuable in your organization? We took an in-depth look at the impact of building a coaching culture at St Michaels University School, and how it transformed the leadership team and maximized the talents of their team.

Some kind words:

"The coaching experience with Heather has been such a critical component of my approach to personal leadership growth, as well as working with my team. In addition to one on one coaching with Heather, the use of TypeCoach across my Senior Leadership team was a valuable tool to influence team dynamics."

- Nishan Duraiappah, Chief of Police, Peel Regional Police Department

"Coaching with Heather was a valuable experience for me as a principal in my first year. Heather inspired me to be my authentic self every day. She has provided me with practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional development. I am forever grateful for this experience!"

- Taya Cicchetti, Principal, Hillfield Strathallan College

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