Coaching Practice

Coaching Practice



In her years as a coach, Heather has has worked with a variety of clients including educators, business people, writers and public servants. Her ability to create a safe space, to ask the challenging questions and to take ideas and help formulate them into action for leaders, has impacted both these individuals and their teams. Helping people use this reflective space to improve their performance has meant that they come back again and again, thrilled to see the potential realized in themselves and in those around them.

Heather and Alison, Part 1

How does the GROW model help this leader to think through her next moves?

Heather and Alison, Part 2

Deeper listening, for metaphors, or body connections, and using the clients language all help client to access their learning. What strategies does the coach use to deepen this client's work?

Coaching Culture

How might pursuing a coaching culture, one that uses effective questioning, deep listening and feedback, maximize the talents of both the leader and the team? What are the benefits and challenges of becoming more coach-like?

2017 Leadership Series: The Power of Questions

Coaching: GROWing your Leadership and your Culture


Coaching is a leadership tool that is used with individuals and teams to help position them to do their best work. Coaching creates space through questions and dedicated time, to help leaders to think deeply about their people, and their work. Return on investment in coaching shows up in increased clarity and passion of the leader or team, ability to give and receive feedback, opportunities to unbury deeper potential; all of these benefits create space for creativity and innovation. These goal focussed conversations are designed to help leaders and teams to move forward, creating strong positive stories and organizational culture.

Challenge – making this work a priority supports other priorities more intentionally, strongly. Heather brings a focus and skill to take the coaching work to the next level – whether you are new to coaching, or an experienced coachee.


  • 1:1 Coaching and team coaching are provided. In addition, workshop topics may include –
  • Building a culture of coaching;
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback;
  • Developing powerful questioning skills
  • Possible tools may include:
  • GROW model
  • 360 – LPI or Tilt 365
  • Choice Map – Learner, or Judger questions (M. Adams)