Team Building

Team Building


Risk taking

Heather has spent most of her working life as part of teams, or building teams. Whether it’s the Professional Learning Communities formed within and between schools in her school district, or the more recent “Learning Institute”, which she developed and ran for 5 years at St Michaels, Heather consistently is able to build strong teams, with space for adults to learn and grow together: questioning ideas, implementing strategies, stretching their own perspectives in service of the larger organizational goals.

Strategies and tools to improve team communication and performance create space for teams to thrive.


Much of Heather’s work experience has included building effective learning teams. People, working together in a trusting environment, to discover and learn and move in new directions, is incredibly rewarding to both the team, the leader and the organization. When learning becomes possible, through conversation, and risk taking, learning that opens up new ideas and directions, is so powerful. When assumptions and beliefs are challenged, new learning taken on, deeper relationships formed, the organization gets so much more of their people and the people get so much more of their organization!


  • Building a professional learning community
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a team - Transforming them (from Lencioni’s work)
  • Communication in teams
  • Building skills in questioning,
  • Type and Team – who are you? Who are they? How do you all fit together?
  • Co-teaching – co-leading: Building a common purpose