Team Coaching

Team Coaching

When individuals can show up together and work from their strengths, everybody thrives - that's why team building is crucial to organizations achieving their potential. We facilitate teams to articulate their unique abilities and unpack challenges, unlocking their collective capabilities.

Team Coaching is:

Unlocking potential. The most powerful thing about teams is their potential to be greater than the sum of their parts. Diving into collective strengths, aspirational goals and individual needs has the power to transform teams into something so much greater than a group of individually talented people.

Relational. Collectivity comes from authenticity. Team building engages us individually and collectively to communicate more deeply, receive feedback more openly and define challenges more explicitly. Relationships are the work.

Forward focused. Teamwork is about the here and now, but it also needs to be future fit. We work with teams to set our eyes collectively towards a vision, so we can strategically prepare your organization for the future. Engaging with stakeholders and building resiliency is central for productive teams.

Team Coaching looks like:

Customized work plans. Team building is a convergence of coaching, consulting and facilitation in groups. We work with your team to develop a plan based on your unique challenges and needs within your organization.

Understanding who we are. Using Typecoach and other tools, we aim to provide a deeper understanding of individual strengths and challenges to develop communication and accountability systems that work for your team.

Feedback tools. Teams need feedback from each other, but also from stakeholders. Using 360 feedback systems and other tools, we build feedback into the fabric of your team. Having input from stakeholders helps to align and clarify strategic narratives for your team, your organization and your community at large.

Collective learning. A culture of curiosity fuels healthy teamwork. By learning together, we can always be holding ourselves to a higher standard of what is possible. By listening deeply and asking questions, we can advance meaningful communication within teams. We are certified in team coaching to help with this work.

Investing in your team is strategic. Organizations need to leverage their individual talent into collective strength in service of their strategic aims. People are the most effective tools that an organization holds - investing in them changes everything.

Some kind words:

"Heather's passionate leadership, influence and expertise are exceptional. The positive impact of her executive coaching on our team's development individually and collectively has been extraordinary. I have experienced first-hand the positive difference it has made to the efficiency of our team's work together and as a result, our ability to stay focused on our priorities."

-Tamara Nugent, Director of Education, Wellington Catholic District School Board


"After a year of working with Heather, we have developed a much clearer understanding of our purpose as leaders, both individually and as a team. We more fully appreciate each other’s values, strengths and growth areas and how those attributes affect our collective ability to manage change in our organization. The 360 degree feedback experience was instrumental to our growth as leaders; Heather is an excellent meta-coach - a coach for coaches!"

-Taya Cicchetti, Principal, Hillfield Strathallen College

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