National Police Week 2023

I have had the privilege of working with Police Leaders and their services over the past almost 7 years. I have worked in small services and am currently completing my 3rd year in a large, urban police service. This year […]

International Coaching Week 2023

Every year during International Coaching week, we have the great opportunity to pause and celebrate coaching. This year’s theme “Explore your potential” honours the possibilities that can emerge from coaching conversations. My first thought upon hearing this year’s theme was […]

A New Year and A Time for Change

As someone who works in the space of individual and collective change, I am curious about what makes change harder and what makes change more doable. Having recently crossed into a new year, I have been reflecting and exploring this […]

1:1 Coaching Demystified

When I begin 1:1 (individual) coaching with leaders, the first coaching conversations are powerful and even magical. Leaders arrive eagerly and full of questions, mainly: “What exactly happens in coaching?” Let’s demystify 1:1 coaching. Here is what it looks like: […]

To Certify or Not to Certify

Do you need to be accredited to be a coach? There are many schools of thought on this question. I believe it’s crucial to align your work as a coach, with a professional body, such as the International Coaching Federation. […]