International Coaching Week 2023

Every year during International Coaching week, we have the great opportunity to pause and celebrate coaching. This year’s theme “Explore your potential” honours the possibilities that can emerge from coaching conversations.

My first thought upon hearing this year’s theme was “WOW – it’s almost the same as my tagline!”

This alignment is no surprise since coaching allows us to maximize the full potential and possibilities in our personal and professional lives.

When I first start working with new clients, they are often unsure of what coaching is all about. Whether I am providing individual coaching or team coaching, I like to start by sharing the International Coaching Federation definition of Coaching. I ask them what phrases or words stand out to them. Without fail, there is at least one word in this definition that strongly resonates.

What words stand out for you?  Take a moment to write them down.

Now consider this coaching definition by Michael Bungay Stanier (another one of my favourites).

How did this definition feel? Were there any words that drew you in and made you curious to learn more? Add those words to your list.

Being coach-like is something that we can all do, and many organizations are seeking to make this part of their culture. It’s often a fundamental shift, and one that can help transactional conversations become more transformational.

How might partnering with a coach serve you and your work? How might you want to explore your potential or navigate your possibilities? If you are already working with a coach, what is the impact of that work for you and your potential? Look through your list of words and contemplate which ones you want to dive deeper into this year.

If you are interested in scheduling a chat to discuss coaching and how we can work together, please reach out.