New beginnings, part one (September)

I used to think that September marked a new beginning for only educators, students and others in the education world. But now I see that for many organizations, teams and leaders, there is something about September that has us all thinking about fresh starts. This month makes us want to focus on new beginnings.

September on wooden deck surrounding by leaves

How do you prepare yourself for a new start? Is there a shift in your mindset? Are there actions taken? Do you start new routines that help set you up for success? What is your energy like in the beginning?

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

A lesson I’ve learned is to begin as you mean to go on. In other words, start the way you want to follow through. Be consistent. Be clear. Be focussed. Perhaps these are some of the pieces that Plato was referring to.

How do you know what to focus on as you begin a new role or work with a new team? What helps you get clarity?

At Heather Clayton Consulting, we work with leaders and teams to bring awareness and clarity, because we believe these beginnings are the key to how we mean to go on. We work through beginnings by building on strengths which increases the level of positive outcomes. Learn how we can help you and your team create these opportunities by connecting with us here.

What is your new beginning for this September?