River or Rut – We create our own stories

FISA - an organization that includes 5 independent school organizations in BC put together their first conference ever - and it was awesome. Last spring they were looking for people interested in doing an Ed Talk - a shortened version of a Ted Talk. Back then, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to add to my speaking experiences...there were definitely times I wondered about that as we prepared. I was in a room with 4 other presenters - and 1500 in the audience - a room of this size goes a long way back! And yet, I think the message is pretty important and so wanted to share that.

Thinking about river and ruts causes me to think a lot about the stories I tell - I catch myself in rut story mode and then have some choices, particularly in this space of transition - What's going to become of us? What will I work at? Where will we belong? Equally challenging over the past year as I have dealt with Breast cancer, have been all the stories associated with that. In places of uncertainty, I can feel the rut stories rearing their heads and it takes quite a bit of work to shift them. This is only the tip of the 'story' ice berg for me - I believe stories are huge on so many levels as we each live out our own. I have received an email from someone in the interior of BC who was at my talk and wants to talk about how this concept intercepts with her work with teachers. My hope is that considering river and rut stories, allows us space to identify the rut stories, and create more river stories...our lives and our world depend on it!