Engaging and Generous

We all feel fortunate to have benefitted from your engaging and generous delivery, your gracious and wise counsel, and your insightful and clear leadership. As a school Head, I could not imagine a better way to build a team culture […]

Clarity of Purpose

Thanks for the Feedback was an engaging read and a powerful frame for our work together; The work with Heather helped me to understand myself a little better, and gave me more understanding and appreciation for the team; I found […]

Clear and Well-defined Vision

After having a number of coaching sessions with Heather, I have been able to reflect deeply on my leadership and now understand how my strengths contribute to creating and maintaining excellent relationships with my team. After completing a series of […]

Awareness Created

Our work with Heather has created more awareness of how our behaviours, as individuals and as a team, impact our community.  Self-awareness and self-management are key to our success and effectiveness as a leadership team.

Generosity and Expertise

Heather facilitated our workshops in a way that allowed myself and my colleagues to be vulnerable, honest and courageous in our discussions. By creating a safe space to allow us to interrogate assumptions, be still and open up with one […]

Passion and integrity

I have known Heather for a number of years, and her passion for learning and her integrity shows up in her coaching. She has a way to hold space that really encourages the client to go deep and wrestle with what […]