The Gifts We Bring

As we tumble toward Christmas, the stores begin to push the gifts that we absolutely need to buy for our loved ones. In an attempt to balance this commercial overwhelm, our family tries to focus on sharing what we have […]

James Taylor…How sweet it is….

I had the opportunity to see James Taylor live on Friday night. While my kids didn’t really know who he was, many of my generation will. He is someone we have listened to over many years, and really enjoy his […]

“It’s a blessed day”

A few days ago, Paul was putting in a bit of time between dropping Becca at her nannying job and starting his ESL volunteering, so he went for a walk in a beautiful neighborhood in Victoria. He was enjoying the […]

The space to choose….

Tonight I went swimming after work for the first time in about 4 months. I am feeling so much better, so much more like myself, and so in spite of a 7 am meeting and solid work til just before […]

2016 – “The Best Year Yet”….

​I have done a lot of reflecting before and during the holidays about how I felt about 2015 and what my hopes are for 2016. I wanted to ‘mark’ this time as one of leaving the past of 2015 behind […]