Which sunset is more beautiful?

These sunset photos were taken on different nights from our hotel balcony at Kaanapali Beach, Maui. What I noticed was that when there are dark clouds, the sunset is much more spectacular. What I wondered was, whether this is a […]

To Coach or Not to Coach – That is the Question!

Recently I sat across the table from the boss of a leader I was coaching. The three of us were having a lunch meeting and part of the agenda was for the coachee to share with her boss what she […]

Stuff, junk and…still to be sorted!

Over the past 3 weeks, we have disappeared into settling back into our home in Ontario. It has been a time of unpacking, sorting and trips to the recycling station, Value Village and various stores. I have been reflecting on […]

Important Intersection Ahead…

As I have travelled across the country – Victoria to Peterborough – there has been lots of musing, reflection, laughter and tears…. This is what happens when you spend 5 days in a car with a life long friend.We have […]

Living in Uncertainty

This week at SMUS has been Brain Awareness Week…it is my favourite week for so many reasons…mostly because the whole school (K – 12, parents and wider community) participates in events that help us all understand more deeply the health […]