Good on the Inside – Good on the Outside

“If we’re not good on the inside, we’re not good on the outside”. – Chief of Police

This statement has underlined the work that I have been doing this year with the Chief and Senior Leaders of a progressive police service. It has been exciting work, as leaders learn together, sharing common experiences, and building a common language. The parallel work is both to do our own leadership work and to develop a leadership program for the service. This alignment makes both processes richer!

The model below shows how working from the inside out is crucial as we are driven to engage and respond to our stakeholders. The engagement and enthusiasm of leaders as they use new skills, try new ways of communicating and being with their teams, has been such a privilege witness and support.

Co-creating the vision, helping leaders to see what’s possible and then sharing the gaps and the growth, all fuel the learning journey. Where we have come in a year is remarkable and sets up an even more comprehensive, exciting second year!